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Winnetka Gate Repair

As a Winnetka resident, keeping your home secure is undoubtedly a prime concern, which is where a new gate for your home can help. Palatin Remodeling has been active in the home improvement business for over 20 years and specializes in a full assortment of gate services for Winnetka residents including construction of swing gates for the yard and automatic driveway gates. Along with construction of new gates, Palatin Remodeling diagnoses and repairs all kinds of gates and gate opener problems.


Gate Repair Winnetka

Whether you want a decorative iron gate to complement the iron fence in your front yard or a basic wooden gate for the privacy fence in your side yard, Palatin Remodeling can help. We offer custom swing gate planning and construction services to handle any requirements you have. We can also fix your current gate – all frequent issues such as sagging, rusty hardware and squealing hinges are covered.


Winnetka Gate Repair

An electric driveway gate can be an excellent way to lend more security for your Winnetka property by restricting unauthorized entry via the driveway. Palatin Remodeling fabricates and sets up custom driveway gates in iron and wood for homeowners including ornamental and automatic gates. We can also match up a new driveway gate with the right gate opener and access control system, depending on your specific needs.


Gate Repairs Winnetka

Have a gate installed in the driveway already but you want to make it fully automatic and save yourself the hassle of hopping in and out of your vehicle every time? Palatin Remodeling gladly installs new gate openers and access control systems from every major manufacturer in the business like Linear, Apollo and various others. We also offer full gate opener and access control repair and troubleshooting services.

To receive a complimentary estimate for new gate repairs installations in Winnetka, please call Palatin Remodeling today!