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Palatin Remodeling

Exclusive materials, quality craftsmanship and impeccable designs.
More than 30 years remodeling experience.
Full service renovations and home improvements in Los Angeles, CA.

Palatin Remodeling, Inc. was founded by Gil Palatin with the goal of transforming Southern California houses into the dream homes their residents have always imagined. Bringing more than 30 years of home remodeling experience, the vision of Palatin Remodeling, Inc. has always been to design, build and create the perfect place to live for your lifestyle. We take pride in our attention to detail and in our ability to enhance the quality of life of homeowners throughout the region.

Our desire to be the best in Southern California means we’re focused on creating the ultimate remodel, exterior design or whole home renovation that suits your needs and your personality. And as always, our team leaves your home in better condition than when we found it, cleaning up all messes and leaving every room in your home ready for immediate occupancy. We’re not only sure you’ll love the final look of your remodeled home, but we’re positive you’ll want to take every opportunity you can to show it off.


“I’ve been involved in home improvement and remodeling since the late 1980s starting with my journeyman and design skills, and once I realized I wanted to actually work on the projects I was planning it only made sense that I start my own company. Early on I decided that Los Angeles would be the location for my company because it’s where I could best help others achieve their dreams through construction and remodeling. A big part of the American Dream is the beautiful home and having that wonderful place with everything you need to raise a family. Palatin Remodeling, Inc was founded in 2002 as part of my personal American Dream of having a family business, and to help other homeowners realize their own dreams. My goal is always to turn the house you have now into the perfect home you always imagined.

I eventually decided to expand into San Diego, and it happened during one of the most turbulent economic times in America’s history. At a time when other remodeling, construction and design firms were closing their doors, Palatin Remodeling, Inc opened ours. It was a bold move, but it paid off. Although the economic recovery is still slow, it’s beginning to turn around and more and more people are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Palatin Remodeling, Inc in both Los Angeles and San Diego is here to assist those homeowners who have decided to remodel their existing homes rather than sell and move. My philosophy is that it’s easier, more enjoyable and less expensive to made adjustments to a decent house in a good location and transform that house into your ideal home than it is to search and search for that ready-made, perfect as is house.”

–Gil Palatin, founder of Palatin Remodeling, Inc.