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Moorpark Bathroom Remodeling

Palatin Remodeling has been providing complete bathroom remodeling services throughout Moorpark for over two decades, lending us the skill to handle any and all bathroom remodeling needs. We can take a cramped bathroom and open it up to maximize the space you have available, give new life to an outdated bathroom and much more. To find out more, call us today!


Bathroom Remodeling Moorpark

Every bathroom remodel starts with an idea. Let the specialists at Palatin Remodeling work with your idea and build a plan around it which takes into consideration your needs and wants. We will help you settle on everything from the paint color to the style of flooring you would like to use and put it all together into a cohesive plan.


Bathroom countertops can update the look of your whole Bathroom remodel

If you have your bathroom remodel all mapped out and you can see it in your head, but you need to track down the materials you would like to use, Palatin Remodeling is happy to help you. We have connections with a variety of supply houses who can find anything you might need for a bathroom remodel, whether it’s the latest in modern bathroom fixtures or natural stone tiles.


Cabinet replacement and cabinet refacing completes your Bathroom remodel.

At Palatin Remodeling, we realize that a bathroom remodel is a significant decision and we’re more than happy to offer an initial consultation in your Moorpark home free of charge. We can provide samples of materials including flooring and paint to provide a starting point for any ideas you have concerning your bathroom remodel.

To get started, simply call Palatin Remodeling today to schedule a free consultation at your Moorpark home. Your new bathroom is waiting!